Shifting gears, rowing your own... rolling your own – whatever you want to call it.  Some people know it's for them.  A lot of them can't stop talking about it.

You ride with the H?  Feels like silk, icy-warm chills on your neck, feet rolling.  You won't forget your first, nothing could be so indulgent, but who am I while you aren't here with me?

What I can say is the moment you feel it, once you really wrap your head around it, you won't want it to stop.  I went and tried the 7G-Tronic for a year, quite the wagon too, and now I'm back; I didn't feel the same in it.  Maybe someday I'll need spreadsheets in my car, but I kind of like driving myself.  I wanted my car to talk back sometimes, remind me I had to pay some attention.

So I got behind the blue stars for the first time in a while, a Subie, 4 spread, 5 on the floor, one back.  It's a heritage vehicle, it's got the weight distribution, and the thing about passive AWD is it corners tight and slides around a bit.  Electronic AWD is always trying to keep me from really breaking loose.

I'm lightning, I fly in this fucking thing.  I'm doing 60 in under 5 and I hit these turns like a tiger, I'm tearing shit up.  Two seats in the nine eleven – (UH!)  The interior?  Mezza mezza, but we're talking about how it feels, and you know the moment you're moving this thing's the real deal.  Reminds me of the E30, honestly; there were only a few cars I felt this way about; kind of even feels like the same car, until you start paying attention.  What's it saying when you're behind the wheel?  I like it sharp, tight, something that looks the part and rides the line like I'm seeing around corners; I like to feel right on the road.  What I'm saying is the Subie drives right, but they need to bring some fresh eyes in.  I guess kaizen takes time.  No one's shipping the sort of shit you really want to ride out on.

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