Who Showed You Eternity?

Sometimes my mind is sensitive, like the tip of my cock.

Every little sensation and idea is heightened, and the time is always right, for whatever seems to require my attention.  You’ll know by my complexion and how readily I hide away.

How do I arrive in this state?  Well, I was just doing my best and then I remembered my jaw was clenched for the past 3 hours.

I love to show you how.  I like to explain how something works as much as I like the actual thing.  The explanation is more permanent, and other people can do something with it.

Right now, I’m showing you how important it is to pay attention, how readily facts become distorted when we don’t.  If there is anything I can rely on, it’s my eyes and ears, and my mind.

Any time someone does something new there’s a scramble where everyone is trying to figure out what to think about it.  They start looking around at others for what they think, using context clues and character evidence to decide whether this seems like something that might be good.  Has it occurred to you to use your senses and your intuition?  Are they capable enough yet, or shall we hone them further?

You can start with accurate information, and still not know what is true.  I could describe in detail every word spoken at an event, who knows who, how they showed up, and you still wouldn’t have the full picture.  This is because there are intuitions and impressions that are just as important as the words being spoken.  Sometimes, you’ll only get those intuitions with time; of course, so long as you are paying attention.

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