When you are working to gain traction for a new product or business, I believe that progress flows out from turbulence, and attention.  It's something that you feel, that drives you into the unknown.

If you find yourself on an off-day, perhaps unable to focus, remind yourself of how powerful turbulence alone is in getting shit done.  Attention is bound to turbulence; taking on a problem to be solved, and seeing the breadth of possibilities to innovate.  Look through recent work and note periods where you were unusually productive.  You might find states of focus where work seemed to flow out effortlessly.  Meditate on those periods, and recognize the importance of rhythm.   Something about the restlessness of creativity makes the things you create especially tactile and present.  Surely you will find flow again soon.  

The recent trend of the stock market is an example of how turbulence and attention can keep the ship afloat, in spite of unfortunate worldwide circumstances.  The unique aspect of this financial crisis, that was missing in 2008, is that we are now much better connected on a global level.  The market is capable of recognizing and embracing turbulence.

Awake, awake