It can be frightening to consider the transience of each fleeting moment, how little fragments of time can be almost meaningless while you are experiencing them, and then in hindsight they bring you to tears with their beauty.

I think often of ordinary days of routine and ritual, chores, and somber meals for one.   These moments age into focus, only able to be realized looking backwards.  Sameness becomes so different with the blink of an eye, and suddenly I remember I will never be in a particular place, with my dog laying on my feet, looking at the same things I once saw every day, ever again.

I am grateful each day for this conscious experience, to be alive, to remember, to dream, and to bring order to chaos in each little thing.  

Be here now.  Know that this moment is just the right one, truly and only; and that one day, on just the right day, you will yearn for this moment with more intensity than any other.

It is only with this consistency of affect that we can become sensitive to the currents around us; this is where time nearly stands still.  

Nujabes - Spiritual State ft. Uyama Hiroto

Authenticity in Brands