Where did these icons come from?  Why did those folks get a different keyboard?

Apple Hardware since 1998

How do I think of it?  The more arbitrary states a system has, the more room a system has to exhibit a range of liberties.  Removing the numeric function label could be viewed as signalling this thing has more states, it shows that my keyboard "moves around", and that it's measuring my input, which is not made clear by the presence of Touch ID and Force Touch alone (Mac trackpads don't actually click, they measure pressure and vibrate).  To some extent, the fact that it comes default with a picture of Siri on it and I went in and changed settings to put a lock where my axioms of understanding suggest there should be one should mean something in a just system.  But what are you suggesting with the defaults?

For me, being that I wear the lock, the largest compromise is the tactility.  If it had haptics or buttons I'd like it more, and I would continue using my touchbar to reflect my desired security preferences.

Maybe we should talk about the history of black bars too.  Why are there two 4Ks?