Top 12 Orange Things Worldwide

Today I will be reviewing my top 12 favorite orange things.  We're hitting on food, gear, and more, and I think you'll be amazed by how fresh and sweet this stuff really is!

12. Orange Julius

It's a timeless hit – these cool, deliciously creamy orange smoothies are available at Orange Julius and participating DQ locations worldwide.

11. Titanium Zulu Watch Straps by Maratac®

Classic international orange watch straps are perfect for creating a sleek and tacticool look on all sorts of watches.  They look great on divers, chronographs, and military style watches like the Gen 2 Titanium Field Watch by Maratac®.

10. IKEA BÄSTIS hook, orange

Fun, cute, and best of all, orange.

9. teenage engineering computer-1 case

This low-profile case is flatta' packed and hacka' stacked.  Build it yourself: from the makers of the portable OP-1 and pocket operator synthesizers, this case brings clever industrial design to the coolest of computer builds.


8. rOtring 600 Mechanical Pencil

It's hefty, it's got a red ring, and it's deadly.  Don't fuck around at the wing – this thing is for serious drafting and design.  Standard rOtring gear, it's a real solid drafting pencil with a knurled grip, adjustable lead hardness indicator, and a needle tip for precision work.


7. Orange Sherbet Jelly Belly

Among the tastiest flavors of jelly beans, and they seem to stay fresh longer too.  Honorable mention for real rainbow sherbet – we know dream cream.  Available direct from Jelly Belly and in Australia at The Original Lolly Store.


6. The Orange Box

An excellent collection of games from a time before hats and holiday sales.  This was a brick and mortar hit for Valve, showing off their design and retail prowess in full force.  Be sure to hop onto cp_orange, an awesome community-created orange Team Fortress 2 map with many variations out in the wild.

5. Omega Speedmaster Mark II

A very cool watch that riffs on the classic Speedmaster look with orange accents and a clean 42mm stainless steel case.  Driven by the self-winding Omega 3330 movement, it's a great addition to the classic Speedmaster line.


4. Hacker News

Community-driven news for hackers?  Check this out, it's pretty hot, and it's backed by one of the most renowned startup accelerators in the world, YCombinator.

3. Pumpkins

Cookies and jack-o-lanterns, pies and lattes; brightly characteristic of fall, mysteries, and myths.  Pumpkins are an orange classic for the autumn season.


2. Carrots

Easy pick – I love carrots.  This recipe for maple-roasted carrots is sweet, spicy, and sure to go great with your winter comfort fare.


1. Oranges

You guessed it: the crown goes to oranges.  How could it not?  This sweet citrus fruit is excellent on its own, in a variety of dishes and treats, or squeezed into fresh orange juice.  In America, most oranges are grown in Florida and California, with nearly 4 million tons of oranges produced in the US.  Mandarin oranges are a popular gift and a symbol of good fortune for the new year – everyone loves the juice!

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