There I Go Catchin' a Vibe

Fucka πŸ’Ž

Street-fashion whore, cunt'a, street-fashion door, hunt'a
Bluer than Salt Lake, the holy sacrament, Centurion doors
Fuller karats, 'sho'boy pull'r tarots
See if you remember how to open it like there's Rand'uh under floors
Jojo who?

Salt Lake Alice, Miss Care inna' dream
These girls needs they internet – yeah, right?

Uh, uh uh, Carrot Cake, motha'fucka, get it straight
Cento per-cento, runna' head free'uh rent'o
Realer memes, fucka', catch me in'ya dreams, luck'a, match me runnin' steam, fucka'

Cuz, I'mma Tank Top Hunta, always keep it a hunna'

Mama knows I like her best spinnin' lik'a dΓΆn'a
Dick-wave macca', didn't axe-k f'ya' panda'

Lana knows I like her best tryin' not'ta cum'a
Sick save, pack'a, I was lookin' for somethin' black'a

Zion knows I like her best inna' ova' vanta take'a

Love You (Deeper Cuts Royalty)
Remind Yo Ass