The Mirror of a Red Sun

Eastern artwork depicts the soul as the color red.  In the West, the soul is often a yellow sun and personified as a giver of life.

Wang Ximeng (王希孟) - A Thousand Li of River and Mountains (千里江山)

This simple distinction is a crisp way of understanding the historical motivations of rationalism.  The Western soul carries an important rationalist drive to understand and build new things; without this drive we would not see the equality we have today, and we would not be on this trajectory for highly advanced technology of all sorts.  The Eastern soul emphasizes body, and the spirit that underlies being.  The sun in the East is not sensationalized; it is an absolute force, marringly hot, a potential disaster, and permeates throughout culture as a symbol of good fortune in the use of the color red.   This imagery evokes a tattered history of war scars and imperialism.  Which soul could exist without the other?  Whose backs is the world's greatness built on other than the means of production?  

The use of collector's seals is an interesting aspect of Eastern artwork.  In the West, if everyone who owned a painting put their own stamp right alongside the artist's, it would be broadly considered defacing artwork; and yet this is very normal practice in the East.  It tracks the lineage of ownership for a piece.  What seals might you apply to art that you have made or own?

These world-souls are equal, necessary, and good.  The line we draw with "socialist government" in the United States is very flawed and myopic.  There is a clear financial co-dependence between the owners of ideas and data, and the producers of data, goods, and services.  What is going on?  If everything is built by more-or-less socialist/communist Eastern countries (heavily invested in by Western governments and businesses), how can anyone reject the West's involvement and shared responsibility for virtually all supply-chain issues?  Heavy lies the crown; and if the world powers don't bear it responsibly, they lose it.  Western businesses are complicit in unethical and unclean behavior, no different from Eastern governments, and the clock happens to be striking midnight.  It's helpful to think of disease X as a floating target.

The US and China are the most responsible for the health and safety of the world.  Money seems to be what moves the needle (more accurately, it is the needle), so clearly it's time to acknowledge that if most of the world is living in poverty and garbage, you don't get to make any money.  

The Eastern and Western spirit is creating something new, and I believe it will be great.  We need these reminders that the value of money is the ability to spend it.  Clean food and water, internet access, and the world not being underwater are immediate and pressing concerns for next quarter, and the one after that.  These are rights we must guarantee for the whole world, on behalf of the whole world.

Blooming Gardens