The Diagram Tarot

The 20 of DIAGRAMs Tarot Deck was just released, featuring 78 keys for the major and minor arcana.  This is the second deck The Diagram has put out, following their 2012 10 of DIAGRAMs playing card deck.  

The Diagram decks are unique, straying from the traditional artwork and characters of each arcana, and instead bearing The Diagram's iconic curation of stories, technical diagrams, and scientific illustrations.

These decks are insightful, beautiful, funny, and intricate.  Each key has a distinct approach to prose, and clever illustrations that make these decks very helpful for the adept seeking a detailed taxonomy of esoteric archetypes and themes.  The short-form stories and poems are heart-felt and introspective, featuring countless literary styles, each matched to the suit and key at hand.  

The Diagram is known for their great essays and illustrations, and they did a great job bringing their characteristic, amusing and fickle style to tarot.

Some more of my favorite selections from these decks:

The Heart, a limitless well of spirit

IMG_0259-3The Club, a peculiar dulled sword... 🤔

The Diagram Tarot and playing card decks are an awesome take on the tarot, and I expect to keep them on heavy rotation in my studies.

Check out The Diagram for awesome articles and diagrams!

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