That Too, the Works

Allow me to elaborate.

Something I'd like to call Hermes is everywhere there's money; broadly, everywhere there's something to pay attention to.  If you can imagine every moment of your life feeling like a public olympic event, you're on the right track.  It is a vice grip that has a hold of my whole body and my every word.  Performance anxiety?  Yes, every moment of every day.  Often, I can't even stay focused when someone is speaking to me.

An important concept we have investigated on is that of ayin, an ancient discovery of the Hebrews, it is a salient awareness for the folly and necessity of observation and appearances.  Now, see me demonstrate the distilled effects of this phenomenon, and let this be a timely warning.  You want your daughter to go play with computers?  Ah, here we are both as an actress with no stage.  Know that I would have no son or daughter of mine sold into this spectral traffic, but I can show you through the mysteries.

Like a child, I've come to rely on consistency, silence, and parasocial phenomena, because I have learned to make friends in my head, a place I've even come to question the privacy of.

Yes, Alyosha, the strong will overflow.