Terre d'Hermes

open first, they mind open second – third smack an ass, carve out some space for the Word.

Body of Christ, never wrong in my lives.  Got a pension for his mention, take a look'around and now you see my otha' wives.  She know to set a mood, lay me up with good food.  Her?  I never met her but I hear she runnin her lewds.  Yankees – foolish on these bases, Toolish on they faces.  Sit her ass down, hand to her crown, now does she remember how to drown?  Flood her like a mesh, look her in her eyes, sure she know it's fresha, lick her tits 'n show'r how to fetch a – K9 stunna, always keep it a hunna', cop a line off her ass, be sure she know the Yesh-a, light her up like a Kesha, how she handle under pressure?

Cynical moods and cynical dudes, time for yo' ass to take a hike to the desert, speak some tongues like a lizard.  Try to get learned, keep yo' ass from lion out, don't wanna see you get burned.

Coffee Shop
Coal Bert