It’s a lucid game.  One on one, eyes on the fluorescent ball, full attention to the energy on the court.  It’s all about the flow, the focus, the symmetry; the rhythm that springs forth with two quick athletes running the court by the ball.  Your heart is racing, breath consistent, your strokes are flourishing in the space all around you.  You must know to feel through me at 78 feet.  A proper game of tennis is suspenseful and clever.  Lets see your grip.  I'm looking at particular angles, the tangency to the court; right up to the throat on your backhand.  I like the pop of the ball coming off the racket and the pitter patter of shoes on the court.  The girls dress nice, the guys just look like they're going to the grocery store.  It gets us out of the house, and more importantly, out of our heads.  The game keeps us young, and it keeps us sane too, when we’re not just sitting around giggling to ourselves.

What's all that racket?  I was breakin' my back this week, I hung a bunch of doors.  At the end of the day, I'm just glad there's going to be tennis.  🎾

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