'I can't believe you sit and fuck around with that thing all night. I don't even remember the last conversation we had. Molly announced expressing her frustration with my work ethic, You're a very sensitive girl, but you aren't inclined towards permanence. 'Permanence of what? The way you fucking feel about me?' Huh, I thought I always made it very clear how I feel My words are one example of something I regard as permanent. You can change your mind but it's only permanence-bearing the first time you say something. 'You literally ignore me. Nothing changed since the last time we spoke. I still love you. 'Why is it that you spend basically none of your time showing me that then?' What do you think I'm doing right now? I've always been clear that everything I do is for you, for us. The only way we can live in such a beautiful world. to have the lives we have, is because of the work that we put in, the focus and care. Molly burst out laughing, which hurt my feelings T thought what I iust said was quite profound. T interiected, 'Do vou notice how T don't harass you while you spend all day playing Instagram? 'I literally do that because you don't fucking talk to me.' Okav, what do vou want to talk about?
The Interview