Co-bear won't speak to me, Martin's rockets seekin' on me.  13 Steves, a dime a dozen, stun lock – now you tell me, how's the fuck is the oven?  I hear you PoVin on McLovin – nice catch lil' mans, heed the news.

Some like it hot, fucka, need to see yo mami, show me how she sucka, turn her head around and now she gonna tucka, say a prayer to my ear and tell me 'bout my luck – uh; now she singin' our hymns, drillin' our gyms.  New pearls, my favorite pitch – it's deep sea and now you keep seein' how I run these sublims – day ayin and day out, you see me smashing on RIMs.  You shipping dry ice?  I run circles, bitch.  I run purples, Lich, I said on purpose, Stitch.  Dig you a grave, runna Dave, put these verses in your purses fo' you runnin behind; first on that witch, last thing I heard that was on your mind.

Apple Water