Innovation is king.

Reflecting on my decisions, drive, and philosophy, I am reminded of the love I have for Steve Jobs and my passion for his contributions to business and design philosophy.

I thank Steve Jobs with every fabric of my being and soul for leading a group of brilliant people towards delivering great experiences, and showing the broader population what real passion for technology looks like.  Watching it happen as I grew up seeing the world's knowledge and resources becoming fully networked is an invaluable experience.  

Steve's brilliant ideas were made manifest by the brilliant people around him.  Steve Jobs and Apple showed me from a young age how powerful a laser-focus on innovation is, and it is something I hope to never lose sight of in my life, because I really do believe the difference between the best and everything else is a deep passion for innovation and goodness above all else.

In the midst of COVID-19 and other unrelated economic deficiencies (i.e., lessons from 2008 we still haven't absorbed), I retain an unbridled sense of optimism, because I do see a much more robust, caring, and effective human race emerging from this.  Technology is creating more effective supply chains, more aware and educated societies worldwide, and above all, a drive in people to become better than anyone could have ever thought possible.

Steve knew that the best is the value, and money is the tool.  God almighty thank you so much; I count my blessings every day. 💛