I like how she didn' ask me what the plan'is,
like how she didn' tax me on bananas,
like how she didn' axe me what the can'is

gear head, throbbin' off the cameras'is playin',
pai gow – deuces wild now
piled how america's high now
pro style how jericho's chived now

five spices, state drive devices,
forty-five vices for your midwife's crisis
movin' rices,
thrices, prices,
asses weisses,
her's is priceless

d5 arrived, ya' ma's come'd alive
h.265, dynamic range's precise's, believe'in paradises
carl zeisses, edelweisses, ya' balls in vices
decisive 'bout not askin' the price's
cako on ice's, 'bout 'nough exercises
more enticin' is you keep it concise'n

drive 35, slaughterhouse five,
slip'ya right'into this all wheel drive
splice'yo connivin' pourin' out'cha hive

see if you believe in miracles,
all I see is satiricals,
feel this pain is incurable,
'cept for these empiricals


Jojo Rabbit