Stand up straight

The breath of spirit burns warmly in all people everywhere.

Father, how shall I best touch the world?  One needn't look far, and still perhaps one must stare into the abyss.  Cleanse us, free us to know the beauty in this life.

No just world would have us to perish, a primordial voice echoes throughout all time.  I know we live a blessed life, in love, grace, and in the blessed name Adonai.  Each day one wakes with overflowing possibilities, and still always one must be present.  How should one do good, or still further know good, if the house of spirit is not put in order?

I must emphasize the importance of ritual in the sacred study; the indwelling of spirit is something that is cultivated through concentrated will, where the spirit is made to flow as a circulatory process like breathing or a running stream.  Meditate, and one hears by intuition.  Sometimes it helps to speak slowly to hear.

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