Sons of Patriots

I've found that I usually trust people with a mark of some kind Something identifiable that represents them, displays their meaning and fortitude, perhaps that they'd made it to the bottom of Plinko. Increasingly, I would develop paranoias around the consistency of the world, the identity we portray and the quality of my own contribution to the world. This feeling of spinning is, itself, a mark of the world. To me it represents a hopeful longing for meaning; even a necessity that we strive to measure and adapt to the world we live in. This may be, in many ways, what is meant by rebirth, or kenosis meaning self-emptying. As you feel yourself changing, you are somehow creating the space for change. The body of Christ is both substance and the conditions that introduce it This is what was meant by the thread of life, and why also the drive for distinction and protection appears Personality, being the vehicle of consciousness, is where a stable and centered self is cultivated Christ is representative of the Logos the divine Word and Image. The immediacy of Self and the apparent identity of the world I wonder why something more confusing shows up for some of us. The World is saline, habitual, even vague. Is this what he saw? Does anyone care what anyone sees anymore?
The Patriots