Winter solstice reminds us that all things are as they must be, here and now as they are.

With maturity, we develop a jovial sense of mirth, a characteristic reminder that all circumstances must rotate and evolve; an eternal forbearance that no thing is permanent, and things aren't always as they seem.  This seems even a natural law in our entropic universe.

One descends deeper, and yet always nearer to the hearth of life, an immolating flame that tempers and inculcates the nascent will of the individual.

Mirth provides important relief in an otherwise sealed system.  In joy and laughter, the illusion of bondage is broken; bliss shines forth through cruder emanations of an elusive spirit.  One remembers things are as they began; the most assuredly in the least, and the least assuredly in the most.

We can reflect on silence and splendor during this holiday season.  It is an important time of rest and recovery.  

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