I'm on a bit of a getting fired streak, and there's some sort of mystery that should be solved here if anyone wants to pay attention.

Amazon seemed to want me there.  At Amazon, at least at my Denver WeWork team of post-sales engineering managers, extracurriculars consisted of weekly lunches and a right-sized weekly stand-up meeting where we addressed difficult customer issues.  The yearly AWS sales events were pretty great, and I had a lot of fun in general, while learning a whole lot about how a large company manages partner relations, major projects, and feature rollouts.  Still, the size of the company made it seem less familiar, and especially since we were a post-sales team, we pointed out towards partner companies and other engineering teams for AWS services more than we worked directly as shared stakeholders.

Replit was a smaller team, and I wonder if that made things seem more personal than they typically are in the Valley when you work for a VC baby.  I work best behind the wall of B2B;  I was a remote worker, and typically prefer a contractual relationship with companies just for this reason.

Still, I feel like I'm missing out on the benefit of a true team dynamic and working as a W2 employee.  It's difficult to strike a middle-ground here, because I don't actually like the expectation that I'm wired up to Zoom and Slack.  To me, at least, work is one domain, and my full existence as a person is distinct.

And I always wonder how it is the case that my feelings and outlook on the state patrol are so rosy; truth is a foundation here, I'm reminded.  I think it might be the careful gesture and unobliged caress; an optimistic few, familiar from afar, and great in the least.

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