Sir Facebook and His Self Rising Flour

Are you good and hungry?  Chicken and waffles for everyone.  Don't get any on your shirt, that looks nice on you, and we have a fundraiser at the Broadmoor after this.  Everyone's invited.

If there's extra, it's going to Teddy, or the wolves.  I won't have food go to waste, which is why I get exactly what I need.  The surplus; God's will.  It has to go to a good home in need, and if there aren't any then we'll just have to make some.

We just can't come up with anything to buy.  Planes and boats; great.  You know what's even better?  Good homes.  Structure, intent, and meaning; priceless gifts from the heavens.  First thing's first: you need something to do with your hands.

Let me tell you, what you're doing is a waste of time.  I know because your marketing capabilities are far better suited for  We fuck, and we have booze and trips to the Caribbean.  And we don't use fucking Slack, or Zoom, or any of that other dogshit.

Drop us a line.  Better yet, don't.

We're looking for chefs.  We love variety and creativity.  You'd probably consider me a picky eater, though.  Darn it to goodness, I always get the same thing.  Maybe you can give it a twist.

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