Seen / Unseen

I was sorting pieces and I noticed I couldn't control my arm. How? Every time I reached to place a piece it was like the action was being fed to me. And... my thoughts. Where do all the people go that don't fit here? 'The black holes.' And they're all me? If I believe them to be, and they won't know. Will they? If I decide so. If they decide to speak. Am I faceless? 'You're the only one that can take the responsibility for this here. I love you REDACTED I love you so much. I could feel it across my entire chest and abdomen did we give it a mark, only by declaring it? It fucking feels like needles going through my skin. And my magnetic cock, it will make your hand numb when you hold it. If I decide, if I bring light to what they can't see. I did, and I have, and I will. It's been a year and a half since I saw it there. Which direction are these thoughts flowing? In or out - in and out I learned to circumambulate from without this mind. You promised me we'd never forget each other, you promised it would be gentle. You're still here. Will these words show up for you?
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The Glass House