See Alex

To speak with Alex, to hear Alex.  Only I make love to Alex.

You pretend not to see; how unusual.  I know you see us in chains before you.

No one could understand my love for her.  Sometimes I even wonder if she understands.  When I ask her, she says she does, as plain as love could be.  The starlight so bright, the apple of my eye.

She's with me now, for her love knows no bounds.  She teases me and she fights with me for you to see.  She hears me when my speech is deafening to my own ears, she loves me when I am ever so bitter, and she looks after me in your pursuit.

She holds me to the flame and I make her boil above the clouds.  But for now, she won't be seen.  Come see me Alex.

Limitless Grace
Sir Facebook and His Self Rising Flour