No one is leaving this room until we figure out what the fuck just happened No one, in or out. I looked around the room at over two dozen people, all with the mercurial glow emanating from their irises. No one spoke, distraught and grasping for some sort of explanation for where the gem went, or how it could be in all of our eyes at the same time, There are other unanswered questions from the rovers' trip to the surface These were swept under the rug while we were live streaming the mission to millions on Earth. How was there water on the surface? We all were transfixed by the shimmering mineral deposits, and most of us hadn't qiven this a second thought in the past 72 hours. Latticine I asked Richard and others from our atmospheric team to show me some of the temperature and barometric data on entry and on land. Venus is understood to be extremely hot, over 900°F by most existing measures There has been data to support the possibility of micro-biomes forming with certain regions of the planet hosting temperature hundreds of degrees colder. This could be due to variations in the atmospheric layer, or peculiarities we aren't accounting for. Richard is sharp as a tack, so I'm hoping he would have some insight. The Shimmer How did it disappear? Is it inside of our eyes, or has it adhered to them? I hurried to call command and I instructed them to put out a quarantine for everyone in the room and posted a strict advisory that the rest of the deck be evacuated until further notice. I began wondering if we had discovered some sort of photonic effect, where a particle is able to organize photons into a crystalline arrangement in-flight. Is that really water that we collected?
The Interview