Scorched Earth and the Scrying Eye

The fire was cozy, in fact, we would only come here to be cozy.

We sat at a medium distance, still able to feel the lufting flames as the heat brushed against our skin.  The warmth we felt was only, in part, from the fire, as we were beside ourselves in the night.  You had goosebumps, and your back was always perched, as if you were about to lift your arms into the air and yawn.  I found myself looking at you more than everyone else, even when someone else was talking to me, and this distracted me most of the time.

We would leave breadcrumbs and small signs out to invite the other animals to our little bonfire, and we would have foxes, rabbits, and bears, troubadours and pharisees, and always so many deer.  Wolves came in as many as the foxes on some nights, and sometimes we were even joined by wild cats, that we were quick to mistake for one another in their chiaroscuro spectacle of shades and markings.  We all came here for something, and we were all surprised to find it, in our gala at the bonfire.

You teased that I liked inviting folks that I would get into fights with, and I imagined grappling your neck and fucking you from behind while the foxes watched, standing perfectly still in their packs from a short distance.

You're always flirting with me here more than and at home, and I was never sure what to make of that.  What was I saying, and what were the others hearing?  I'm always in my head, I assured you, and clearly you knew where to find me.  And I didn't imagine anyone wanted to hear from me, but maybe you knew just what to say.

Perhaps I did want to fight with them, but I took as best care as I could that they shouldn't notice.  I'm calm like a bomb, and these cats know this.

I enjoyed the theatrics of the bonfire, but I also enjoyed that the theatrics stayed here when we left.  Magic, I refrained, is a child's sport, which is gracefully jettisoned when the sign is intimated.  I was assured by mentors that my good will mattered.

I would go on smoke breaks with the foxes and professionals, and explain to them very clearly and deliberately why I was excited for the new MacBooks.  Basically, it uses the same chip as in the iPhone and the iPad, which means you get the best performance and security, and the battery lasts like forever compared to other computers.  I suspect the main group had understood better from afar, not quite able to make out my words, and I wondered what you were saying about me.

Everyone always wanted a cocktail, but they also wanted to patronize me while I made them.  I didn't give much thought to this, because I was only paying attention to the drink, but it did suggest to me that they wore a hylic sign.  I enjoyed making cocktails, and I did not plan on stopping on their account.

Okay, I'm ready to go, these guys are boring as hell, anyway.

By the time we got home, we remembered just what horse we rode in on.

Diamond Dogs
Dessert Boys