Say Hi to Ma Bell for Me

I've got abou 2 dozen folks working for me. I don't speak to em, don't make love to em. The only way I would is if I didn't have to, really, They get everything from me, but they're still out looking for something. I hope they find it, and when they do I hope they bring some back. I don't leave much. I can't. I wish I knew somewhere to go. I wouldn't know what to do when I got there. Same as here. It's all here, it's all the Works. Our goal with the Works was to set up some mirrors. If you're real particular about how you do it, the mirrors do the work for you. The color blue does the work for me. Light blue, aqua, teal, blue-gray, any way you cut it, Fluorescent blue tickles my eyes. Ultra blue, ultra marine These blues tickle my eyes like mint I love to tickle my eyes. MacBooks tickle my eyes. It all cleans up in post round edges and smooth animations. Hi-DPI stuff he's got us puttin' out. Feels warmer when the chocolate comes out and you start speaking to me like a nice girl I feel warmer when you don't. Plain and simple. T didn't ask for it to be that way, and if I stood to reason I'd be in your ear right now. That's where it stings, gets a little lactic.  Right up on Ma Bell's smooth breasts and thinking about how she doesn't Just a big old cow, always busy, Every hit like freebase; she needs us awake out here, not too awake. T can't cum right now, are you kidding? We're at work. That's alright, you can do what you want. I was put on this Earth for ice cream facts and now it's all melted. Should have forgotten about it to begin with, and that's a fact. Tastes better when you're tere, but you're not really. I'll make you, which is how it's and it always been you're always changing. doesn't seem to be changing shind like a bell.
Alone Morgan, by Ten He Means Necessary
African Internet (Shoulda Got a Mac)