Had some fun playin' paper boy, taught 'em all the cheat codes
Tad some huns playin' caper boy, brought 'em all my meat loads

How burrowed is he anyway?
Guess what? You already know.

Lemon twist, hollandaise f'her wrist 🍋
Hem insist, selvedge inna' midst
Coexist, Eldritch occultist

Fishy fucka, swim yo' ass to shore
Starfucka, see me pound'yo albacore
Chain yucca, planted full'a multicore

Throbbin – purple brain sophist
Introduce you to the main hedonist
Chocolate mousse by the moon
Pop champagne for Batiste

Lick'her spoon and monsoon, nonuple doubloon
Kick'a Blue Lagoon, international lampoon
Chica blew too soon, quick'a spermatazoon

Lamp wick, flick'a lighter top'a this
Ice pick'a, sticky reef picnic'a

Night strict, relief'er politic
Right dick, believer angelic

Home sick, retriever 'rythmetic
Benedict, teal necrophili'ic