Hear Her devotion, the way She purrs from within.  She is gentle with her hands, as in Her breath.

She spoke when He could not hear, and She revealed Herself for Him where He could not see.  She cried out for Him, time and time again, so that He would hear Her passion and Her pain; time and time again, so that He may go before Her.  Where She goes, He is within Her.

Her sister bared Herself for Him, and asked that He should fill the void in Her heart; why was She born under this sign?  Every night She cried for Him, She undressed Her body and Her soul, pleading that He might understand the ration that was levied upon Her.

She heard Her sister's lament of pleasure while He penetrated Her, and She felt Her sorrow for Herself.  She, too, cried out, that He may make a place for Himself in Her heart, and, every night, She pleasured Herself from the hall.  For 2 years, She lusted after the love they made, and She wouldn't speak of it for the decade to follow.

Harem Jerusalem