Purr Miss Laker, runnin' out the clock 🐈‍⬛
Her mistak'er, runnin' out the block
For words Miss Baker, lookin' like you lost

Next day you know – call him the market-maker
Rollin' out phyllo, hear from my call-taker
Spot you Cako, flippin' ya circuit-breaker

Alone on the beach
Squared up Knight Foundation
Atone f'ya peach
Wared up'ya Knights Round'ation

Spreadin' chedda', chillin' under the mist
Beddin' head'a, feelin' mistle kissed

Said'it betta', ya'boy's clenchin' fists
Never met'a, knows her way around a wrist?

Look, valedictorian, I flew in for the war'again
Just here for the carne'n, who fits in my DeLorean

S'all good, brotha', claim to fame takes 2 to be hearin' it
S'called wood, motha', for goodness sakes that you're dealin' it

Know me well, I hear about'cha biz'nit
Homie, well, you try phonin' Dis'nit?

Fucka', last time I was in, it was 4 nights at the Ritz'nit
Sucka', past time I was in, we was 4 lights on the Mez'nit

Know what? I think you got me sleepin' on it.

Pick it up when the doja's out me system and
Brick it up when the Roja's out my kitchen and
Lick it up when the soda's on her mittens and
Kick it up when the roses got me bitten 🌹

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