Some teams have an unbelievable amount of energy, perpetual flow and progress towards a goal, and it truly is a beautiful thing to behold when it appears.

Look carefully at anything and you will see art, creativity, and meaningful input by people giving way for great innovations and progress in our world. ┬áConsciousness is like a vehicle for the soul, allowing emergent properties to come forward from what is essentially chaos. ┬áGrab the reins and find where they may take you. ­čî×

All "new" things really are like uncovering existing things from a particular field of focus; it is often said that limitations breed great art.  A creative looks at any idea or problem and knows how to best tap into their intuition and create.  A scholar measures, interprets, and portrays things unseen.  Is there not a generative act in all things discovered?  And is there not a leap in understanding and sensibility drawn from each creation?

Flow is something you only have to touch once to remember; one finds one's self acting effortlessly towards a goal, always verifying their intuitions with reason and apparent natural laws.  Mounted on destiny, one gains an ever-greater awareness for the forces at play in the world.  The rider is lifted, distinguished, enabled seemingly by sinecure.

I am reminded of the man at the loom, weaving the tapestry of life.  He is unwavering and unmoved, for there never was anywhere but here and now.

Jay-Z - Cashmere Thoughts

The Diagram Tarot