Revealer of Mysteries

revealer of histories, revealer through his-stories, congealer of his-pories.

See a bum, see me cum, you ever catch me skip a beat?  Oh, well maybe you got me mixed up with some'ass fucka' that you think is drawin' heat.  Let's see you go and find a seat, a nice little corner where I won't be steppin' on yo' feet, because you know about one thing for sure, that my steel-toe boots don' get tore, cop a new pair on the weekly 'fo I go and step up to your door – Puss in Boots, don't you make me flip on yours.  Ring ring, lil' mans, gonna' need to see some raised-up hands, don't give a single fuck about yo' brands, because the one and only's son and Sony's hands right behind'a on a pony.

Stagecoach runna', sage folk stunna', this is your twice-daily reminder that I keep it a hunna' –

C A K O, better hear you using it right, best not catch your bird-ass in flight, better keep to it so your time trials is tight; set-or-not take-o, let's see you face me on a Seiko, every time I tune a fucka' up, you 'bout to see A - K O.

New Gold Standard