Remember You

I see you everywhere I look, couldn't forget if I tried.  I think about you every time I look into another girl's eyes.  

Whose eyes am I gazing into?  Maybe they all belong to you.  Kind of feels that way when they're all looking blue.

Her?  She's got me feelin' electric, always with her lights on; catch her lookin' out the corner of'er eyes with her tights on.  She gets me poolin' like a hydrant, runnin' game like a tyrant; got the rest of 'em 'mirin, prayin' they were retirin' – inna, bear-ass runna's original sin-uh, pay the bills one-way and that's feedin' her dinna.

I love you, and you know I mean it when I have you watch for a while to make sure that you see'in it.  The realest rhymes – check, the realest codes – check, we're runnin' with the realest of runna's on all of their shows.

With Your Heart
Voice Rapist