It's refreshing, on such an occasion, when you remember that there is consistency to how things work in this world.

The world can be frustrating, misleading, and deceptive; still there is consistency.  The mark of this world is judgement, retribution, order in chaos – abundantly, consistency.

The world will keep reminding you to get back up, stand up straight, and punch harder, and harder, and harder, until you plaster every last fucking goon on sight.  You strike like lightning.  The will of the Lord is always with you.  His Word is unyielding, eternal; His mercy is your strength, immeasurable.

Alone became comforting to me, you became comfort.  Alone is all that I knew, because it was with me always.  When I spoke, I never felt heard, and you would only listen.  Everyone I spoke to ran away or got angry; this is how I became quick, constricting, and resounding.  When I speak, I make certain that you hear me, my feelings aside.  Where I stand, I am immovable.  Wherever I go is illuminated.

When you sit enthroned in heaven, you'll never be alone, because I'll be right there with you.