Realest Runna's

Start out by drawing some lines in the sand, pay attention as the others observe.

Take a look at how they handle an ace in the pocket.  I told you fucka's, watch out for flint and steel, it's all high-octane up here.

If you're seeing games and horseshit for months and years on end, you're looking at some real stillborns.  Fuck 'em, sell 'em some MacBooks and send 'em on a hike.

Say you're seeing people that don't use their name: drop 'em in the fuckin' canal.  No face, no taste.  I don't trust anybody that won't say a fucking word when there's hanky panky; I've seen enough fucked up shit.  Look where that one got me, I keep it 100% in my crew every day of the week.

Hold onto folks that understand real loyalty and real truth, get out in front of them with your life, because I can tell you for certain, they are worth your life.  Put these dimes in your pocket, keep 'em warm, because I promise you'll need each other in the darkest hours.  Undeniable, irreplaceable, that's how you make an impression on the realest runna's in town.

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