Real MacBooks

It's David Cako (the real Cako kid) reviewing my top favorite ways to play from the years preceding Steve Jobs's questionable death.

What stands at the intersection of technology and art?  Me, of course!  I always bring my iPod, loaded with all the tightest riffs and the sickest beats.  You gotta sync to get the latest tunes – Steve knows what I like 🙃🥳💎😜

I've been trying to explain Grand Central Dispatch, this is really what Snow Leopard is all about.  Multithreaded programming is easier than ever before, and all of your Cocoa apps run seamlessly with the latest macOS.

The real sleeper feature on Snow Leopard is Team Fortress 2.  You don't need a whole lot of games on Mac, but you do need the good ones.  We were questing in the World of Warcraft, tearing up Northrend, jammin out to the Chili Peppers, and they were wrenchin on Source engine just to make the summer that much sweeter.  The thing you learn about Mac real quickly is that it really does it all, and it does it better than anything else out there.  That's just the way it works around here.  If we lose sight of that, we may as well just be shipping fucking Windows.  And you know what, if we're doing that, it's really not going to make me happy.

So, like I said, we're taking a lot of the things we learned with iPod, iPhone, and the Mac, and we want to bring you a new experience, unlike anything you've ever seen before.

At Apple, we've been working around the clock to innovate and push the boundaries of what our computers are capable of.  If I told you we're just getting started, you wouldn't believe me, but we're just getting started.

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