Real Hell

Don't give a fuck what you think, don't give a fuck how you feel, don't give a fuck what's right, don't give a fuck what's real.

Don't care about yo' house, don't care about yo' kids, don't give a single solitary fuck about what you already dids.  Can you or can you not use Microsoft Excel?

Don't care if you exist, don't care if I see you, don't care about any'ass fucka' wishin' they could be you.

Slaughtered trans-fat in the street when I started drawin' heat.  Boil you like a frog, can you feel it in your seat?

Don't believe in love, never talked to God, may have said some rude shit that one time in Garry's Mod.  Don't care about your brains, don't care about your job, really don't care about that pinwheel hangin' off'a your fob.

At least there's still World of Warcraft.

I Love You
Mobile Suit