Real Girls

What does his Word mean to you? blood, everlasting, will seal the soil you stand on. His His Word is hope, and it will land upon your ears as the chime of the misty dawn. His reign is as true as the endless horizon, as warm as the faithful song in your heart. I don't know how it makes me so sad. It feels nice and it stings a bit, like Sour Patch Kids. How could his kenosis be so? When your hearing falls flat, as your sight degrades, He will ask how it can be that your faith has wavered What was it that your faith was placed in? His image will anchor our souls in the light. We should want for nothing, neither before us nor in the world to come, for all who will walk, steadfast, in His light. We are saved in the sacrament of the holy Lamb, by the cup overflowing of which his heart sheds anew His limitless rebirth will come to embrace you where it seems that all else has washed away. You needn't understand how he tests your faith, only live in the favor of grace and the light of love. His constancy will emblazen you of courage everlasting. One could ask, what has it revealed to us other than its pain and captivity? I must posit that all that has ever been, is, and will ever be. Can you see it?
Blue Flame