Real Fast

You can see, we've got some new features up there.  

The Lights have been around for a while, as they once were cheekier.  

Features, yep, one of our features is features.  From time to time, we feature particular posts to tell a story.

And of course, Search (⌘ - Shift - F).  Now you can find just what you were looking for in record time.  Search uses a client-side cache, which is how you can get instant results as you type.

A major improvement has been migrating away from all CDNs and hosted packages, such as Cloudflare and unpkg.  The lookups for these are just too slow, and so we don't need them anymore.  All assets are hosted on, and everything loads instantly.

Larger applications require load balancing and caching strategies that we don't have to worry about. is running on a single Linux VPS, with no garbage and no routing, and it's really fucking fast because of it.

Something for Nothing