It's as good as it gets if you want a professional quality computer. It's so good that they put a notch so that you wouldn't want to look at it all day.

The keys, as you know, are spectacular, as this is the same keyboard from the standalone Magic Keyboard.  The extra heft of the machine makes it more stable on your lap than the previous MacBook Pro, which I found uncomfortable to type on (although surprisingly fast).

The display is ultra-clear, silky-smooth, and super colorful.  It's noticeably sharper when viewing (which uses the Apple-default San Francisco font) than on my 2017 MBP.  I have always been extremely impressed with Apple's displays, and I rarely use an external monitor.  I like the built-in display that much.  It's still true today, when you factor in the displays you get, MacBooks and iMacs are the best value of any premium computers on the market.

It's faster than fast, and macOS is crisper than ever.  Apps launch instantly, even things like Final Cut Pro.  Rendering speeds?  Holy fucking shit.

The storage, while blazing fast, shows that there's room for improvement.  Soon we can expect apps to install/extract instantly.

MagSafe is back, and the clickiness is very satisfying.  The power cable is braided, which I like, because you can tell it apart from other Apple cables by touch.

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