Pressure Cooka Market Hooka

that's right fucka, ya'll gon' learn today 🍎

bitcoin and girls
keep it real simple for you middle schoolers

run this game at the book'a
see you drippin' from'ya puss'a
bout'a smack you up on your stamp-of-all
back you up on this jack-of-all

see how I feel throbbin' hinds these jews
see how I feel side'a asses and shoes

see how I feel when my 'gasmin is throughs
see how I feel when yo blood tests is dues
know how I deal when the groceries is news

fucka, I will detach you like molex
see these clips snap in half
retach you like the towers
crosshatch you like the sours
geldsprache you like the showers

miss sorceress, show you this blue magic
node js, aliexpress, ho', see I 'vented the printing press
now, I digress, nevertheless, let you back to your anaerobics

Some Say
Where were you