Pound Cake

It's simple, what goes up, must come down.

I like the way some of these cats are gettin' around on the way.  It's not so easy to tell which way you're headed, in a full analysis of the whole thing, but when you look at what you come up with when you put in the work you may surprise yourself.  And these days, if you want to get a girl off, you get her a briefcase and a Palm Pilot.  I can't blame 'em, I get down with gettin' trill myself.  Sometimes you don't even have to put in the work, but I'd be careful down that path.  The most beautiful things I know in life come from creativity and a strong spirit, they come from people themselves who are so clearly beautiful.  You can't just tell them "keep at it", what they do has gotta come from somewhere.  In this long life, we just keep pouring, and pouring, endlessly.  It ends up somewhere, too, I hope.