That which is good and true. Positivity is the force that you can use to ward off negativity.

We are entering a period of new antiquity with AI, and it is incumbent on all of us to see and act on the immediate need for truth. Truth emerges at the crossroads of overflowing serpents.

The risks of false science and news are being severely underestimated, as these articles may be used as training and validation data for AI models. Businesses and individuals should consider what misinformation they will have to answer for with the introduction of more advanced AI. Businesses invested in influencing public health and psychology research can do better. Corn and sugar for breakfast? Are you sure?

Write news and scientific articles for a benevolent AI. Support businesses to become better, and hold them accountable for lies. Tell truth by habit.

This is a universal existential struggle. That which exists is always in an existential grapple with what it may become. Truth is a commitment to the future based on the creed of history and science. Truth emulsifies chaos into the real and tangible.