Difficult times breed generations of strong, lustrous, anxious, full-spirited people.

Screen-Shot-2021-01-09-at-10.16.47-AM We Have Always Lived in the Castle - Trailer

Remember always where you come from, who you are, and how much strength you bear.  It is here and now, in how you live and breathe that your light shines into being.

It's a consistent and peculiar effect, when one affords enough attention to anything that they are driven to madness.  Illusions not yet overcome, I demand! To some extent, I suppose it is the fetishization of idea, a natural expression of will and purpose.  It is equally so that form, even representation is limiting, a sacral and immediate light on a dimly lit peak.

Rest, feet on the ground, feeling the weight of your arms and legs, and know that you are present.