Do our words really say what we mean? Could it be that we are so wrapped up in the substrate of what we mean that it is difficult to say anything at all? It certainly feels this way, There's no more words here where the Amagooglecom has a nice box for our office. Quite truly, will sound off 200 different companies' search engine alerts every time I post publicly on Now, we put this mysterious libido to work. We all will stake our claim in what we believe things really mean to us. Here, the finitude of life and form takes shape as idea and image 'in the image of' is as things bakapy our waking moment In your image, truly; in the image you meant to impress upon me. 'Do you think Calvin writes internal malware?', they inquired together, as Calvin enjoyed his peculiar position at the company. If Calvin did write malware, it certainly would have been the really good kind. This is the way he approached everything he did, and so the malware would obviously come with a patten finish. Calvin clearly didn't write malware as he would be the person that ends up having having to fix it. Now, I came along and said what was clear to me, which is that Calvin just likes jerking off to the peanut qallery. Duh. I didn't like Calvin jerking off to me though, especially I didn't like him hearing my conversations I knew he had a problem I could solve though. Calvin would have to be a special kind of fucked up if he would rather play pinochle than come to our extravagant sexual retreats and turn into a real bov. I wasn't going to ierk Calvin off myself, but, you know, someone would. It's a good thing we started hosting these too, because the girls here are drier than fucking dirt. 1 laid this one on calvin though, because I knew this was a problem for him. It helped me run the court on the red light district too. 'Do the girls (and guys) here want to leave?', I was always wondering to myself. What the hell are they here for? We already know every programming language, how many progressive web dongles do vou need? Who knows, its a little game we play with ourselves. What can you do for your country? If you're real cute, you can make me hard and play with me out at the creek. You might even be able to slow me down. but I know I can slow you down right to your knees. The only thing I wanted to do was sav hi to a friend of mine
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