Philosophy of BlackOut Design

At this point, people understand we won't touch anything other than silicon-secure BlackOut systems.

That means we're throwing all the phones, cameras, and Rolodexes out the window.

At especially we have critical intellectual property that we cannot reasonably transact over ordinary communication technologies.  This includes proprietary design documents, private meetings, and personal exchanges.

The very nature of how your hot baby mama likes to touch herself while she's watching me means we had to ramp up our sociopolitical efforts in stride with our technological innovations.  Simply put, the war on privacy is one that we are fighting on a paramilitary front.

The pervasiveness of technologies which intrude on my privacy, even in my own home, even when I have never used the technology in question, shows there is a blatant disregard for the natural rights that must be endowed upon all American people.  Ensuring all Americans can live healthily and freely comes before pornography.

No matter, I have ingratiated myself before the Lord, the court, and the land, and all who stand in my way will be eviscerated swiftly and cordially.

PureLux 1a.x
Believe What I Say