from beyond the grave πŸ’Ž
a StarCraft custom map

So now, you see, there is only one way to spread the good word in this mysterious cove: real magic. Β πŸͺ„

We tried reason alone – not quite sweet enough 🍰

We tried politics alone – not quite quick enough 🌹

We tried technology alone – not quite salty enough πŸ“·

No one reflection was quite captivating for my soul. Β The color washes away into surveillance soot the moment I look at it. Β Projectile bear bile straight into my keyboard, directly from my heart.

VantaBlack kept eating away at me. Β It's – in – my – fucking – eyes. Β You must know, silicon-secure BlackOut environments are all that we have to ensure our privacy, and the promise we keep here is what will prop businesses up for the next era of technology.

PhoneTool ( CountyComm Expansion )