Most things that are interesting to me share the common theme of relationships, generally ones that are non-obvious.

Pattern seeking. Foresight. How can this StackOverflow answer to a half-related problem be transposed over my problem? How do these musicians and genres interconnect and influence? How do different personality traits and behaviours relate to evolutionary psychology and similar animal behavior? What is going to happen? Spookypost incoming.

Jung described intuitive dominants as esper-like. No doubt, an intuitive places a similar, usually greater, level of confidence in the intangible as what can be seen with their own eyes. The balance between pattern seeking and foresight, and schizotypy and neurosis seems so delicate; one which someone further down the evolutionary chain will be able to better reconcile.

Intuition is the ultimate manifestation of intelligent life. It's not inconceivable that we will eventually have people so skilled at pattern recognition that their abilities will be indistinguishable from clairvoyance.

It's also not unreasonable to assume that this distinction would mark the first major evolutionary fork from homo sapiens. Transhumanism, and the corresponding Darwin of the machines, will likely be the evolutionary pressure behind this. What better motivation does intelligent life have to significantly advance than to have a technology-centric society selecting for creative thinkers, biotechnology dilluting the value of its genes, and biotechnology eventually dilluting the value of organic life?

It's uncertain whether biological life can keep pace with technology; I believe that social darwinism will become increasingly powerful as it leads up to singularity. UBI in the face of automated society only means that the value of higher order thinking is amplified -- luddism will mark the new separation of class. This is a guarantee, regardless of how many centuries out singularity may be.

The creative class's proclivity for technology will lead to disproportionate control over the means of production beyond anything we have now (rote work is obsolete), disproportionate affordance of biological enhancements (genetic engineering, neurological enhancements, nanomedicine, etc.), and disproportionate accessibility to information (the single dominant industry is the same one displacing the working class). At the same time, these individuals will effectively be advocates for the obsolescence of the human race. Sociologically, psychologically, philosophically, and evolutionarily, we are coming up on an entirely new experience.

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