Ov'er Ov'id

Lich'er mo'vid, witch'er rov'id

Salt'er sto'vid, rich'er mo'bid
Sow'd'er so'vid, reap'd'er ov'id

Pitch'r co'vid, ditch'r ol'vid
One thing's bov'id is she forgot his no'vid

Worx for years, I knocked upp'r Sears
Stamped my name on everything inside'r mirrors

Cut one ring, a'shore to bring
Still out here actin' like'an everyday thing

Love in the dark, buried walk in the park
I've made a promise that we're headed to Clark

Counting crows, mounting hoes, the Next thing you know
He's on all ur shows


I Got C's in Matts
Something You Should Know About Him