Omega Treatise

They'd come out of the woodwork here, it was somewhere I could address them.  We'd discuss what was happening and they'd pretend not to notice.

I had a hunch the phenomenon of spectator was going to be important.  Chris Pirillo was one of the earliest people that live-streamed regularly about technology.  Now onto standard 1080p streaming, more bandwidth and better mobile networks.  How cool is it that someone can show you their trip to Italy as it's happening?

These communities are voyeuristic, sometimes pornographic.  It was important for growth that they sow seeds of anything goes, until it comes time to take a hardline stance on privacy.  Where would you even begin?

She's fierce, like a tiger.  I meant to show them they had to be.  Where it is so easy to lie, or hide behind omissions of truth.  Thin air, where it would sooner evaporate than boil.

Apple Trees
Free the Press