Let me explain how faith became so important to me.

I would always try to do things just right.  I'd speak precisely, I'd be direct, kind, and straightforward to everyone I meet.  Yet, almost everyone, no matter how dear to me, would try to spite me.  I would proclaim simple truths, as plain as the sky is blue, and they would tell me the sky is, in fact, gold like the gates of heaven.  When I told you I loved you, so dearly, more than anyone else in the world, you ran away with someone else.  When I tried my best at work, graciously and truly, it wasn't good enough.  When I pray for love and peace, the world turns sour.  They are all watching me, they are at their knees before me, and still they pretend I don't exist.

Now, I mean to tell you that the radiant ascent of heaven and the broiling wrath of hell is plainly, literally, and actually real.  The divine judgement and retribution of God is with us, here, in this world, and in the world to come.  Plainly, you can see it with your own eyes, you can feel it in your heart, and you can hear it in His Word.

When we walk by faith, all that is good walks beside us.  When we are deceitful, the world deceives us.

The beginning of all things is love, the sustenance of all things is through love, and the heritage of all things is unto love.  Is this plain for you to see?

When He speaks to you, are you really listening?  I am.